Painter & Printmaker

my artwork revolves around observing The wild places and living things that I see everyday, as well as in my past.

my impressionistic lANDSCAPE oil paintings are created on a variety of surfaces, including linen, plaster and weathered copper. to start my many-layered artworks, I paint small Plein air paintings or sketches on site in the beginning of the project, which deepens the memory of that site. When i paint it in the studio in a larger format, i add and scrape away layers revealing that first powerful impression.

Printmaking, and especially monoprints, came about as a natural flow of wanting to create a more immediate result of my observations. My etching press has given me The ability to make these smaller, immediate painterly pieces of art. and the process is exhilarating! many times the print is a total surprise, as The translucent ink colors, the pressure set for the press, and the printing paper itself contributes to what i feel are some amazing outcomes!

 I am Available for commissions, studio visits by appointment. Contact me at: